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Hay Y'all began in 2015 as a way to bring high quality hay at affordable prices to Aiken, SC - the Aldi of hay.  To help keep prices low for you, we don't handle hay in the same manner as a feed store (i.e., no white glove delivery services).  

In 2020, we expanded to the coast of South Carolina with depots in Timmonsville, SC and Beaufort, SC.   Our regular client base has also grown to not only include equestrians, but also cows, guinea pigs & one portly goat named Ethel (they, too, appreciate quality alfalfa).

  • Do you deliver?
    Yes! Delivery is available at rates reflecting both time and distance. Every barn is different, best delivery price to those that can unload with their equipment. Better price for barns with easy access from delivery truck.
  • Are there discounts?
    Yes! We can arrange for a an entire truck to be delivered to our farm or yours! Truckload (53-foot) Discounts, pre-paid loads:This service enables clients to NEVER have to deal with loads that look/feed different from a sample. Booking best-price trucking can be a challenge. Unloading a truck can be a challenge. We can de-risk these. Save about $1-a-bale, possibly more... Best prices for single clients taking truckload delivery (50+ large bales, 700+ sm sqs) and unloading themselves in less than 3 hours. Better pricing for syndicated truckload discounts (multiple clients taking less-than-truckload amounts). The 53-foot trailer makes a single stop, with an option to use our equipment/crossdock.
  • Do you work with hay brokers? Are you a hay broker?
    No. We work directly with farmers to minimize cost and pass savings along to you.
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